Our work philosophy stresses offering people the highest quality at the most affordable prices. A balance of quality and affordability that makes different aspects of life better for individual consumers and society at large. This is evident in all the firms under the Zelere Holding Company (ZHC) banner. It also manifests itself in our vision to ensure all our corporations are the preferred providers of goods and services for customers and corporate clients in Lebanon, Kuwait, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Libya, and Iraq.

We strive to achieve this by satisfying the rapidly changing needs of people and markets through innovation and excellence. By creating value, regularly enhancing our brands and services, and investing in our relationships with business associates, we move towards the future. This is why our business strategy is powered by sustainability, quality, and growth. And how our mission to improve the quality of life, offer value and convenience, and be unique and creative shapes our internal processes and decision-making.