Al Sultan Food Stuff Co. S.A.R.L

One of the leading FMCG distributors and agencies, Al Sultan Food Stuff Co. S.A.R.L has been leaving its mark on the market since 1990. Based in Lebanon, Al Sultan Food Stuff Co. S.A.R.L has a vast choice of premium international brands that are in high demand and meet the demands of quality-focused consumers.

Industry: Food Distribution
Location: Lebanon

K&S Logistics

Based in Lebanon and specialized in sanitary retail and food distribution, K&S Logistics works directly with Sanita, Foody’s, Jana International, and select plastic and disposable ware producers to move, manage, and distribute goods. K&S Logistics boasts advanced supply chain logistics that swiftly satisfy global demands and give clients a market advantage.

Foody’s International offshore – Lebanon

A trusted name, Foody’s offers more than 100 varieties of canned fruits and vegetables in addition to cooking and salad oils, cheese, pasta, vinegar, grape leaves, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, frozen vegetables, and many more high quality goods. Committed to providing people with nutritious and innovative food products, Foody’s is synonymous with unsurpassed quality and great taste. Through its relationship with manufacturers across the globe and its choice of outstanding produce and brands, the company achieves high rates of consumer satisfaction.

Industry: Food Distribution
Headquarter: Kuwait

Assil Fresh Meat

Based in Armenia, Assil Fresh Meat is commitment to giving people the best-looking and best-tasting ground beef and sheep. Livestock is freshly sourced on a daily basis from trusted suppliers and the cutting, grinding, mixing, and processing all meet the strictest international health and safety standards. Assil Fresh Meat never compromises and always upholds quality while offering competitive prices.

Location: Armenia

Multi Brands (Iraq)

Since 2012, Multi-Brands Trading Company Iraq has been distributing high quality international food and non-food brands. To ensure people get their favorite well-known brands promptly, the company is split into five subsidiaries operating in Alnajaf, Basra, Baghdad, Erbil, and Slimania. Multi-Brands believes in the potential of the Iraqi market and hence heavily invests in business and logistics. To efficiently answer the needs of the retail and HORECA sectors, Multi-Brands Iraq’s dedicated sales team builds dynamic partnerships with suppliers and establishes long-lasting relationships with clients based on satisfaction, mutual trust, and an in-depth understanding of market requirements and trends.

Industry: Multi Brands (Iraq)
Location: Iraq

Multi Brands (Libya)

In 2011, Multi-Brands Trading Company launched in Libya. Confident about the Libyan market’s potential, the firm directly invested in full business and logistical setups, from offices and warehousing to a large distribution fleet with numerous vehicles. Today, Multi-Brands Libya offers the market and people a wide range of consumer packed goods, food, beverages, and non-food products, with a portfolio of big name brands including Wrigley’s, SANITA, Ali Café, Sirella, St.Dalfour, MAK-C, Foody’s, and Toya.

Industry: Multi Brands Trading Company
Location: Libya