Yara International

Yara’s International Import & Export Company. Deals in import export procedures, methods and activities.
Test under the banner of Confidence and Honesty.
All the people working in this group are highly qualified professionals that have experience in their job and they deal with the government in their everyday work life.
Yara’s International Import & Export Company is providing services to many international companies from East Asia, central Asia, Middle East and Africa. We are in contact with many companies worldwide that are interested in acquiring our services.
We provide high quality service and also help in shipping the goods from and to Turkey.
If you are an international company or factory, then we can help by introducing your products in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. So, we can act as Middlemen in which we help you introduce your products or services in foreign markets and also find customer and introduce them to you.

Location: Turkey
Website: www.yara.international

Zelere Group for General Trading

Zelere Group Kuwait specializes in trading and supplying fresh raw meat throughout the GCC: Kuwait, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman. Driven by quality and customer service, Zelere Group Kuwait adheres to the highest international health and safety standards. By feeding the market’s growing needs for superior raw meat, it aims to be a leader in the region.

Industry: Food Distribution
Location: Kuwait

JHPI – Ras Al Khayma

Born from the vision to expand the oil business to new horizons, J.H.P.I specializes in the petrochemical industry. Building on its successful track record in trading petroleum products in the Middle East and Asia, this RAK based company’s strength rises from its experience and customer network in the Middle Eastern and Asian markets. J.H.P.I. benefits from the progressive industrial environment, export friendly customs, and its geographical location to maximize its growth as a manufacturer of:
• Lubricating oil
• Grease
• Coolant

Location: Ras Al-Khaimah
Website: www.jh-pi.com

Jana International Group

Operating in Kuwait since 2005, Jana is a market-leading supplier of disposable and plastic items in addition to premium food products. Jana offers the market outstanding products and services in addition to years of experience, agility, great customer service, and the creativity needed to successfully answer the needs of different businesses and industries from travel and hospitality to catering, hotels, medical institutions, and traders. This combination empowers clients with the means to compete.

Industry: Disposables
Location: Jana International Trading Company WLL – Kuwait
Jana Al Bahaa KSA
Jana International Trading Company Qatar
Website: www.janapack.com

Boecker – Kuwait

The Middle East’s largest pest management group, Boecker Public Health provides world class pest control, pest management, professional disinfecting, pest control equipment, and pest control chemicals. Founded in 1993, today Boecker serves commercial and residential clients through its offices in Kuwait, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Jordan and Nigeria. Boecker is well- known for its high caliber services:

Boecker is known for its high caliber services:

• Pest Management
• Food Safety Training and Consulting
• Fumigation and Heat Treatment
• Professional Disinfecting

Industry: Pest Management
Location: Kuwait
Website: www.boecker.com
Email: kuwait@boecker.com
Tel: 25353548
Fax: 25355840

Food Management Services Co.

Established in 2012, Food Management Services and General Trading and Contracting Company (FMSC) is a 360-degree solution provider for comprehensive food, life support, general trading, and contracting services. To address clients’ needs in challenging environments and the most turbulent regions in the Middle East, FMSC provides catering, daily needs support services, food distribution management, engineering and construction management, food services equipment and disposal, cleaning and housekeeping management, transportation and logistics, and camp-associated services. FMSC boasts competitive rates in addition to first-rate service, a solid corporate structure, and a motivated team. FMSC has acquired and maintained:

ISO 9001:2008 for its food management services; sourcing, warehousing, marketing, and distribution of food products and catering
OHSAS 18001:2007 for its food management services; sourcing, warehousing, marketing, and distribution of food products and catering
ISO 14001:2004 for its food management services; sourcing, warehousing, marketing, and distribution of food products; and catering
ISO 22000:2005 for its warehousing and distribution of frozen, chilled, and dry food

Industry: Food Distribution
Location: Kuwait
Website: www.fmsc-kuwait.com

Food Network Company

Food Network Company has been established since 2006.

Providing excellent services to the consumers by distributing high quality reliable products which comply with the standards , in addition to offering the best added value solutions, delivered by our professionally dedicated and committed teams.

 Our cornerstone is to build harmonious business relationships amongst our entire stakeholders, namely; workers, clients, colleagues, and suppliers.

Industry: Food Network Company
Location: Kuwait
Website www.foodnetwork-kw.com

Premium Brands

Based in KSA, Premium Brands supplies the market with life-transforming products from Unitekno and Icleen Health Premium. UNITEKNO S.r.l. is an Italian company renowned for household appliances, steam-powered machines, steam-powered machines with suction, irons, and heat absorbing ironing boards. Founded in the early 1980s as the culmination of twenty years of experience, Unitekno’s products are exclusively available via direct sales. An advanced air cleaning solution, Icleen® HealthPremium significantly improves air quality. In domestic and commercial settings, the system creates a cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable indoor climate by filtering allergens, pathogens, chemical substances, and unpleasant odors.

Industry: Premium Brands
Location: KSA

MOYARA Holding K.S.C.C

A sub-holding of Zelere Holding Company (ZHC) headquartered in Kuwait, Moyara strives to bring something different to the Kuwaiti and Gulf markets. People-focused, Moyara acquires business entities in diverse sectors and industries, from food distribution to catering and petrochemicals. Each of the companies under Moyara name aims at promoting economic growth and strives to boost job creation and employment   . With steering vision and leadership, Moyara expands its portfolio by identifying market gaps, anticipating new trends, and adopt innovative methods to provide individual consumers and corporate clients with added -value and advantageous brands and services.   

Website: www.moyara-kw.com

City Lofts

City Lofts

A privately-owned construction solutions provider, City Lofts is based in Lebanon. With insight on the latest international trends in construction and shifting local and regional market preferences, City Lofts professionally advises clients on a broad scope of contractual, technical, commercial, and management matters. The Company’s activities include:

– General trade, import, export, purchase, sales, management, and rental of all movable and immovable property, goods, real estate, built property, and non-built property
-Trade, brokerage, and real estate brokerage
-Project development and real estate development
-Real estate management
-Real estate investment
-Contracts or transactions including leasing and securitization

Industry: City Lofts
Location: Lebanon