City Lofts

City Lofts

A privately-owned construction solutions provider, City Lofts is based in Lebanon. With insight on the latest international trends in construction and shifting local and regional market preferences, City Lofts professionally advises clients on a broad scope of contractual, technical, commercial, and management matters. The company’s expertise includes:

.The general trade, import, export, purchase, sales, management, and rental of all movable and immovable property, goods, real estate, built property, and non-built property
.Trade, brokerage, and real estate brokerage
.Project development and real estate development
.Real estate management
.Real estate investment
.Contracts or transactions including leasing and securitization

Industry: City Lofts
Location: Lebanon

Khatib Plus

Launched in 2008 in Lebanon, Khatib Plus is a construction and consultancy firm that merges experience with know-how to deliver superior quality. Offering the highest level of professionalism and customer service, the firm’s expertise extends to the commercial, industrial, and economic sectors. By representing multiple national and foreign companies, Khatib Plus brings excellence to the market. To effectively meet people’s needs, it also trades and sells all kinds of electrical tools, computers and accessories, wireless communication equipment, modern machines, and advanced electronic devices.

Industry: Contracting
Headquarter: Lebanon

Hicon General Trading & Contracting

Hicon (AKARIA) was established in February 2004 with Lebanese and Kuwaiti capital. Specialized in consulting and contracting for the building sector, Hicon is headquarter in Beirut and has a subsidiary company in Kuwait. This ensures Hicon is geographically positioned to best serve clients and to address the unique challenges, climates, and regulations of these diverse countries. Hicon’s forte is tailored comprehensive multi-disciplinary services in:

.Building construction
.Civil engineering
.Road construction & infrastructure
.Mechanical & Electrical engineering

Industry: Contracting
Location: Lebanon