Several values are at the core of Zelere Holding Company (ZHC). These values distinguish and guide us:

People: We know that people are behind our success. This is why we invest in them and empower them to be leaders and trailblazing entrepreneurs. We also provide career opportunities for the new generation, listening to their needs and ideas. This people-centered dedication extends to anticipating and answering the diverse preferences and expectations of individuals and communities in Lebanon, Kuwait, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Libya, Iraq and Turkey.

Leadership: To us, effective leadership involves critical thinking, problem solving, building trust, adaptability, purposefulness, awareness, and open communication.

Team Spirit: We care, share, and win together.

Accountability: We always assume responsibility for our actions and decisions. This is a catalyst that encourages us to learn and evolve.

Diversification: We reach out to a wide range of customers, hire professionals from different backgrounds, and have companies in diversified sectors in several countries. This lets us quickly adapt to change and be more resilient to sudden market crises and shifts.

Wise Courage: Daring risk-takers, we push boundaries and are creative, and yet we base investment decisions on thorough analysis and projections.